What is the cheapest way to sell my house in Jacksonville?

What is the cheapest way to sell my house in Jacksonville?
The cheapest way to sell your house is something that’s on every homeowner’s mind. My name is Mike and we buy houses in Jacksonville. And I constantly get asked, “What is the cheapest way to sell my house?” Here are three ways to save money when selling your house. The first way is to sell your house by owner. If you sell your house by owner, you won’t have to pay a real estate agent, which in Jacksonville could save you about 6% on the commission.

Obviously, you’ll have to do a lot more work on your own. So you’ll have to take all the photos, put the listing on Zillow. And the downside is, other real estate agents probably won’t want to show your property unless you’re willing to pay them a commission. But there are a lot of buyers who are looking directly on Zillow to find properties. So you could save yourself about 6% in the Jacksonville market by listing your house by owner.

The second option that homeowners can use in Jacksonville is to use a flat fee listing service. What this is, is it’s a real estate brokerage that charges you a flat fee, put your listing on the MLS, so that it goes out to all the websites like Zillow, and so that other agency, your property, and are able to show it to their buyers.

Now, this is not as cheap as listing a by owner and not using a flat fee brokerage because the agent who is bringing the buyer to the house is going to need to be paid a commission. And when you list with a flat fee brokerage, you agree to pay a buyer’s agent commission. So this would usually mean that you’re only paying half the commission instead of paying the seller’s agent commission and the buyer’s agent commission. So while it can save you money, it’s not the cheapest way to sell your house, but it can get your house in front of more eyes than if you just listed it by owner without using this option.

The cheapest way to sell your house is to sell it to an investor. When you work with most investors like us, they won’t charge you any closing costs and you won’t have to pay any agent fees, commissions, or make any repairs. You may not get as much as listing your home on the market, but because you don’t have to pay these fees, you’ll save money on that side.

To recap, some of the cheapest ways that you can sell your house is to sell it by owner. You can list it on the market with the flat fee brokerage, or you can sell it to a real estate investor. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We’re professional home buyers in Jacksonville, and we purchased properties directly from homeowners, so that you don’t have to deal with listing your home on the market.

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